This video is full of funny compilations of funny moments everybody knows! Awkward but funny situations every girl knows, makeup fails and other ridiculous situations.
Have you ever used a car window as a mirror in the street? What an embarrassing moment when a window suddenly opens. You have shaved your legs in the morning and the most annoying thing is that hair appear suddenly again in a most inappropriate moment, for example, when you are relaxing in the beach!
You definitely want to relax and read a favorite book during the weekend but in reality, you clean your house, wash clothes and cook food. Don’t forget to relax during weekends!
Metabolism changes over time and in our 20s if we needed to lose a few pounds, all we had to do was a diet for a few days, maybe throw in a work out. In our 30s you need to work out a lot to look stunning.
Regular workouts have a lot of benefits for the body and mind. The most important benefits: workouts give you better sleep, slows down the aging process and increases metabolism.
If you love sweets and cakes sometimes you don’t want to share your favorite cake with anyone. We have a perfect trick – cut a small piece for your friend and eat the rest by yourself. If you want to borrow a chocolate bar from your friend, leave the note “Sorry! Hunger made me do it!’’. This will be a funny way to excuse but don’t forget to return the chocolate next time. Have you ever noticed that when you are hungry and want to warm up your lunch in the microwave it takes too much time? In fact, it’s only 1 minute, but when you are hungry it’s too long.

00:28 Funny moments every girl will understand
02:19 Makeup fails
03:40 Weekend: expectation vs reality
05:16 Funny food moments
06:56 Sharing is caring?
11:11 Benefits of regular workouts

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