This video is full of ideas to make your life much easier and solve small problems around the home. You will find a lot of creative ideas, for example, how to reuse plastic bottles and fix your broken chair or to make cute earrings; how to fix an old bag or even a broken umbrella and you will learn helpful sewing tips to solve annoying clothing problems.
Have you ever reused laundry detergent bottles? Most people donโ€™t know how useful these bottles could be. We share a lot of crafting projects for your home. But firstly, clean bottles thoroughly from chemicals. Do you love plants? Make cute planters with root zone watering. Check out the video and make an adorable swan-shaped napkin holder out of laundry detergent bottle. Also, we prepared some ideas on how to reuse plastic bottle cups: to secure a trash bag and how to organize wires.
Reusing plastic bottles is a good habit to reduce the amount of litter. Besides, you can save a lot of money and create handy crafts for your home. Check out how to make a storage solution for your socks, fix a chairโ€™s leg and make a simple fruit picker.
If you are planning a party and listen to loud music, make speakers by your hands. Take a cardboard box and paper cups. Cut round holes in a box of the same diameter as paper cups and insert them. Find a full tutorial in the video!
Watch our step by step tutorial on how to make a cheap door closer using kitchen hooks, rope, and a coke bottle.
Share these awesome lifehacks with your friends and donโ€™t forget to share your favorite ones in comments!

00:09 Earrings out of a plastic bottle
01:07 DIY Kitchen cleaner
02:31 DIY door closer
05:48 Fruit picker
10:17 Sewing lifehacks

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