This collection of lifehacks is for those people who are interested in surviving and love to make helpful crafts from ordinary items. Let’s start with making a rocket. Cut a match stick head, take a small square of foil and place match stick head on it. Take wooden skewer and place near match stick head. Match stick head should be over the skewer. Roll the foil carefully and seal the top. Watch our video to learn how to make a bottom of the rocket from aluminum foil. Use a glass as a launcher and put the rocket into it. Finally, take a burning match to fire the top of the rocket
Check out a golden collection of lifehacks with matches and lighter that will help you to survive in emergency situations:
– Take a lighter and heat up your key if the car lock is frozen. Then slowly insert the key into the lock. The warm key should melt the ice in your lock
– A lighter will help you to make beauty products smoother, for example, you can use it for lip liner
– Use a lighter to fix a broken lipstick
– WD-40 is rather flammable and you can make a Firestarter by attaching the lighter to the WD-40 bottle. Watch the full tutorial
– Open a wine bottle without a corkscrew. You can open it using a lighter. Heat up the bottleneck for 1 minute
– If a ballpoint pen doesn’t write, revive it using a lighter. Hold the pen’s tip near the lighter for a few seconds to melt the ink. And the pen is working again
– Check out how to make a soldering iron out of a lighter and paper clip
– You can make emergency hot glue gun using a lighter and coke can
– Guess how you can reuse use a matchbox? Use matchbox to create a cute camera that really works

00:09 DIY rocket
01:40 WD-40 Firestarter
02:05 Genius hacks with a lighter
02:11 Use a lighter to open a car
02:29 Open a wine bottle without a corkscrew
05:25 DIY hot glue gun

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